【T-9】UFO Tea and Coffee Maker 2.0

 Second Generation Design Conception
Just gently press in the lock device
Simple and easy to use
No mess or need to clean up
This artistic creation provides economy in a fashionable and stylist design
Experience how simple tea/coffee making can be in bringing renewed pleasure to you life

Step one: Carefully pour boiling hot water into UFO Tea and Coffee Maker; right away you will see the tea or coffee begin brewing

Step two: The float mechanism will slowly flow upward separating the coffee / tea from the water to prevent over soaking in water.

Step three: The unique design of handle lock device controls the timing of the float mechanism.

Step four: The automatic draining system from under the Maker is to make it easy and user friendly. No need to remove or to take out the float mechanism. Just simply place the bottom of the Maker on top of the cup, gently press down and out drains the brewed beverage.

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